Yes, a South Bend carriage dial indicator holder that we all know South Bend never made. But, if South Bend  had


The South Bend #253 Square wrench is not included 

​Works on either left or right side of the carriage

Easily positioned and clamped with the 3/8" square headed screw

Square wrench is not included you probably have one with your lathe

No need to reach/search for Allen wrench

The cast iron holder will not mar the ways of your lathe

The dial indicator with lug on back, can easily be removed and used elsewhere

​Indicator dial easily rotates for zero positioning

Tool is painted machinery grey with multiple oats of a very good auto enamel

Only about 7/8" of the indicator range is usable which prevents damage to the indicator

Holder can be used as a carriage stop by inserting a 3/8" rod rather than the dial indicator

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Measuring range:  0-1"

Graduations:  0.001"

Reading:  0-100

Lug back:  1/4" hole

Dial diameter:  2-3/8"

Stem diameter:  3/8"

Accuracy (1st 2.5 rev):  =/-0.001

​Accuracy Overall:  +/-0.002"

If you think this casting can be altered to accommodate your lathe contact me and we can discuss  

This cast iron holder is made with permission, from the Metal Lathe Accesories kit they have been selling for

the past few years. For those of you who do not have the time or inclination to build the kit this is your opportunity

to obtain THE BEST carriage stop indicator holder for your South Bend lathe. For the purist South Bend lathe

​owner this is as South Bend looking as you can find. In appearance, utility and ease of use.

Included is a NEW, in the box, 1" stroke, high precision dial indicator

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   The Z axis dial indicator holder or clamp for the 9" or 10K South Bend lathe, also fits the Logan 900 series

lathes, the Logan 200, 820, 850, and maybe other lathes. Check the dimensioned photo in the last photo below.

 A cast iron holder with a 3/8" square headed clamping screw to fit your #253 3/8" South Bend wrench you use

every day to clamp the carriage, eliminates the need to hunt for another wrench. The cast iron holder easily slides

along the the front "V" way for easy positioning.

South Bend 9" & 10K Carriage Stop Dial

​Indicator Holder

I've sold out of these and will not be producing anymore.