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Following is a REVIEW of this photograph CD published in Issue 28
 of Model Engine Builder (MEB) magazine.
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 Model Engine Builder

By Corey Renner
 A few years ago, Neil Butterfield sent me some beautiful construction photographs of the Economy engine model that he had built.The photos were of very high quality and really helped me understand the various setups that were required for that build. So, when I learned that Neil was now publishing a photo CD showing all the setups required to build the Red Wing engine by PM Research, I knew I had to have a copy.

The CD arrived quickly in a padded mailer just a few days after I ordered it. It comes in a jewel-case with a nice picture of the engine on the cover. The CD itself contains 594 photos and a video of the finished engine running. Almost every photo is annotated with machining instructions,they tell you what is being done, tools that are being used, and point out potential gotcha’s.

The photos are at a very-high resolution of 3000 x 2000,so you can zoom- in and examine any detail. The quality of the photos is excellent, they are sharp and crisp and without any distracting reflections, which is quite difficult to accomplish when photographing shiny, machined parts. Seeing the setups in-action is a big confidence boost for someone like me who has only built one running engine. There is a LOT of information here, it took me a few hours to go through all of the pictures,and when I went through it a second time, I picked up new things that I had missed the first-time around. Although the photos are of the Red Wing, which I do not own (yet), the information on the CD is applicable to any small engine construction project.

 The photos are stored on the CD in .JPG format andare intended to be viewed on a computer. Some homevideo DVD players will also be able to display them,but it varies by the player, so you will want to makesure that you have a way to view them. There is also ashort 2-minute video on the disc that shows the completed,running engine. While it’s a nice bonus, thecolors are washed-out and it pales in comparison to thestill photos, which are fantastic.
 Overall, I highly recommend this disc. It does an excellent job of showing you the types of things that would be easy to learn as an apprentice machinist, but that are notoriously difficult to figure out when working alone in a home shop. I wish that Neil had published this disc years ago; he would have saved me a lot of trouble trying to figure all of this out on my own. Hopefully, he’ll offer photo CD’s for other engines in the future. If so, I'll get them all. The Red Wing construction photo CD is available for $15.00 with free shipping on Neil's website and there is other good information on his website as-well, so it's worth checking out.

 All photos curtesy of Neil Butterfield

Red Wing 1/4 Scale Model Hit 'n Miss Construction/Instruction Photo CD

For you model engine builders and machinists, amateur or experienced, here is a very helpful tool. A Photo CD of over 550 construction photos of the building of the PM Research Inc. 1/4 scale RED WING model hit ‘n miss water cooled engine. Over half the photos have instructional captions right on the photo.

A friend and I just completed building three engines. During construction I took over 1000 photos which I’ve edited down to over 500 very instructional captioned photos including many close-ups. At the end of the CD is a short video of the engine running. Also, I’ve included photos of my modest shop and the machines used in building these engines.

A quick 39 photo preview of the 550 construction photos is available. Click
VIEW to view the photo preview.

Fellow machinists agree these photos will be helpful to a builder of any model gas engine, hit ‘n miss, Red Wing or other. “A picture is worth a 1000 words” and this CD proves that. View on your computer monitor or your TV.