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​Tailstock Sliding Tap/Die Holder, South Bend,    Atlas, Logan or other lathes

​This tailstock tap/die holder will cut threads with either a tap or a die using a hand held holder that slides on a

tailstock mounted arbor. Releasing ones grip allows the tap or die to rotate on the arbor with the spindle. For

larger threads that cannot be hand held a stop handle that bears aganist the lathecarriage prevents rotation

​as the threads are cut.

The complete 7 pc. tool shown above with the #2 MT Arbor is $160 including free shipping. The price with a #1 MT Arbor is also $160 and for a #3 MT Arbor is $170. All prices include 7 pieces and free shipping.

Contact me or state in your order if you need a #1 or #2 Morse Taper arbor with a tang and I will provide at no additional charge. Sorry, but I'm no longer making the #3 MT with a tang. If you insist then purchase a #2 MT arbor with tang and purchase a #2 to #3 MT reducing sleeve and insert the #2 MT arbor. You will then have the same thing. Also, if you will be using in two different sized tailstock quill's (#2 MT and #3 MT for example) you should request a #2 MT tang type arbor so it can be used in a Morse Taper reducing sleeve.

For you Canadians and buyers from other countries I've added options in the drop down menu below  
 indicating the price of the tool with the additional shipping included. Click the drop down arrow on the right.

International shipment  (Australia, EU and other countries)  please note. If purchasing extra items along with the standard 7 piece Tailstock Tap/Die Holder, check with me on shipping charges because the charges included in the prices in the below "add to cart" buttons are limited to the 4 pound international small flat rate box rate limitation. We may have to pull one small item out and ship separately in a small package for an additional cost of usually under $20.

Production costs have forced me to recently raise the base price I'm sorry to say. I've been selling for the same price since inception in February 2011. A few minor changes have made it a better tool today. satisfaction is still guaranteed. If you are not pleased with the tool return to me at your expense and I will give a full refund less shipping costs.

ATTENTION: I now have an instructional YOU TUBE video available. For viewing click on VIDEO  

This is my newly edited VIDEO only 6.3 minutes. Well worth the time.

I suggest you take the time to view the short instructional video below

​​A tailstock tap/die holder should be among the first accessories a machinist makes for his lathe,  since threading threading with a hand-held die stock, or holding a tap in a ​collet is seldom  satisfactory. 

Also, now available and in stock 1/2" to 3/4" tap capacity Tap Holder for $40 including shipping if purchased with a complete 7 pc. Tailstock Tap/Die holder. $44 including shipping if purchased alone. Use this tool cautiously you're at max. capacity.



The seven (7) pieces are as follows: 

  • Tailstock Arbor with Morse Taper, select #1, #2, or #3 MT when purchasing. #1 MT comes with tang. Tell me if you need a #2 MT with tang   
  • Sliding Knurled Sleeve, 1-1/8” diameter with 5/8” thru bore
  • Small Tap Chuck, #0 to 1/4 “ tap capacity
  • Large Tap Chuck, #12 to 1/2” tap capacity
  • Small Die Holder, 13/16” die diameter
  • Large Die Holder, 1” die diameter Note: The thru bore is 13/32" for a max. dia. thru the shank of 3/8"  
  • Threaded Stop Handle or Tommy Bar, fits the sliding knurled sleeve

The Tap Chucks grip the tap by the taps square like inserting a tap in a hand held tap wrench. All small taps from #6 and under have the same size shank and square. So this tool will accommodate all taps #000 to 1/2.”
Tapping or die threading is relatively easy. As with any threading, liberal use of cutting oil is recommended along with a slow spindle speed. For the smaller sizes the hand held knurled sleeve, with the tap or die installed, is pushed into the work piece by sliding the knurled sleeve on the 5/8" dia. of the morse taper arbor, as the thread starts, the spindle rotation draws the tap or die towards the head stock cutting the thread. When the thread bottoms or comes to the designated length of thread, the operator releases his grip and the knurled sleeve, along with the tap or die rotates with the spindle until the lathe is stopped. Reversing the spindle backs the tap or die out toward the tailstock as the knurled sleeve is again gripped by the operator’s hand.
For larger taps and dies, that cannot be hand held because of the torque, the threaded stop handle is inserted in the knurled sleeve. The stop handle, by resting on the compound prevents the sleeve from rotating and the tap or die cut the thread. Same as  when hand holding.

When using the stop handle tap breakage or die damage is very possible. Care must be taken and the operators hand should constantly be on the on-off-reversing switch. With care it becomes quite simple and damage is easily avoided. A good safety precaution when using the stop handle is to not hold the workpiece too tightly in the 3-jaw chuck or collet. Then, if the tap or die bottoms, the workpiece will rotate in the chuck or collet preventing breakage of the tap or die. Operating at the slowest speed is recommended. With experience you'll speed up later.
I’ve done a lot of tapping and die threading of Stainless Steel, Mild CRS, Heat treatable steels, 12L14, Brass, Aluminum, and plastics on my 9” South Bend and I’ve only broken a tap or damaged a die when I've done something dumb.
Feel free to Email me neilbfield@cox.net with questions...I want you to be pleased with this fine tool.
Note for small lathe and larger lathe owners: #1 Morse Taper arbors available for owners of lathes with a #1 MT tailstock like some of the old Craftsman and Atlas lathes. Same price $160, just indicate when you purchase. The #1 MT arbor comes standard with a tang so the arbor
may be inserted in a #1 to #2 MT reducing sleeve for use on a larger #2 MT tailstock quill lathe.  
#3 Morse Taper arbor now available. I've had a number of requests for a #3 MT arbor for larger lathe users, instead of using a #2 MT to #3 MT adapter sleeve, which works fine and may be good for those with multiple lathes. It is available for an additional $10 for a total cost of $160  with free shipping. When purchasing execute the #3 MT option above which indicates the $170 price. The #3 MT arbor is not available with tang. If a
tang is required, purchase a #2MT arbor with tang and then you provide a #2 to #3 MT reducing sleeve, which will give you the same thing. 
Hex die holder question? A few fellows have asked about hex die holders. Round split adjustable dies are usually preferred by machinists because they can be adjusted, thereby producing a much more accurate thread. Hex dies are usually considered a re-threading die not a thread producing die. From my standpoint of making holders, there seems to be no standard size. It seems every manufacturer makes a different size hex. Also, they are expensive to make. I've made special hex die holders for a few fellows by making a round holder bored to the diameter across the hex points and then drilling and tapping for 3 holding set screws 120° apart or 2 set screws 180° apart. They work fine, the arc gap between the flat of the hex and the bored diameter is very slight and hardly noticeable on these small diameters.
I'd be glad to make specials for you that insist on using them for about $85 each. Enco (Msc now)sells very good imported 13/16" and 1" round dies, #0 to 1/2"  for $8+ to $10+ each. I would suggest you purchase round split adjustable dies as you need them, slowly building a set of the sizes you use that you will be proud of. For threading on the lathe I think you will be very pleased once you start using them.