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In the Buzz Box is a new set of Ford Model-T points, with new electrics for everything else; coil, condenser, on-off toggle switch, rechargeable 6 volt battery, and charging jack. A wall plug-in (wall wart) charger is also included (100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, . It will slow-charge overnight, and will not overheat the battery.

My experience and the experience of the Model-T guys suggests longer life of the Ford Model-T points using a 6V rather than 12V battery.

 The wood box is constructed of Red Oak, 5/16” thick, sealed with clear coats of lacquer for protection, measuring 3-1/2” x 5-7/8” x 4-1/4” High. Small and compact it weighs 2.17 pounds. Note the very strong rabbeted butt joint at the corners.

 For mounting to your display base, 1/4"- 20 threaded brass inserts are provided on the bottom. Centered and 3’’ apart, mounting is quick and easy. See photo below.

 Ignition Buzz Box Coil for Hit & Miss Model Engine, 
Complete with Rechargeable Battery 

Here is a complete ready to use Buzz Box for your Hit ‘n Miss Engine. Designed and sized for model engines it certainly can be used on full size engines too.

This Buzz Box provides a powerful spark. It is a complete ignition system ready to go immediately upon receipt; just connect three wires to the knurled nut connection studs, one wire to the engine spark plug, one wire to the engine timing (points) and one wire to ground on the engine frame. I even charged the battery so it will work right out of the box

With finger or wrench the spark is easily adjusted by turning the hex nut as shown in the photo below

All of the current Buzz Boxes are provided with brass points as shown below

Below is the plug-in "wall-wart," battery charger included with the Buzz Box. 

Production costs have forced me to recently raise the price I'm sorry to say. It is the best ignition box on the market today. No one produces the quality and features that I do. Also, Satisfaction is guaranteed, if you are not pleased with the Buzz Box return to me and I will give a full refund less shipping costs